Case Study 1: Integrated Enterprise Planning and Portfolio Management


  • A federal agency needed an integrated program within the Office of the Chief Information Officer(OCIO) to build seamless traceability from prioritizing business needs, identifying solution, and selecting technology for implementation.
  • The federal agency was also looking to re-boot the Enterprise Architecture program to go beyond compliance and establish data-driven decision making.


Our client engaged us to develop an integrated Enterprise Architecture (EA) and Information Technology investment portfolio management approach to better meet organizational IT needs. The first step taken upon contract award was to develop a shared vision for an integrated EA and IT investment portfolio management program, including specific goals for 6, 12, and 18 months. Strategy sessions were held with the Chief Enterprise Architect and other key stakeholders within the OCIO. Once the vision was developed the team focused on identifying independent work streams to address specific requirements and deliverables to be produced to meet a master project plan. Key workstreams included:

  • EA development and support – Assisted the client by developing and aligning the EA to best practice-based architecture framework. Developed current and high level target architectures, views to conduct business capability analysis and transition planning.
  • Enterprise-wide communications and outreach – Established a communication strategy to support Agile methodologies for EA, strategic planning, budgeting, and Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC) activities to internal and external stakeholders.
  • System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) support – Provided guidance, reviews, and recommendations during project life cycle phases and integrated results into CPIC and EA artifacts/repositories.
  • CPIC support – Conducted IT investment management (Select/Control/Evaluate) to include analyses of submitted investments and associated reporting of results and recommendations.
  • Automation and Tool support – Established, maintained, and promoted enterprise architecture knowledge in MS SharePoint, Troux, and eCPIC.

Client Testimonial

“Great working with NISH consulting on REBOOTing an Architecture program. One of the best projects in my life and NISH was a key part of the reason for its success.” Federal Agency Chief Enterprise Architect

  • Developed and implemented Enterprise Planning Concept of Operations and processes that integrated IT strategic planning, budget, EA, and capital planning processes. Instituted an enterprise wide approach to link Enterprise Architecture, Capital Planning and Budgeting.
  • Developed and implemented IT Investment Milestone Review process that integrated the SDLC, CPIC, and EA processes.
  • Assisted with Select, Control, and Evaluate phases of the CPIC. Supported agency level CPIC program by providing IT investment analysis services, submitting OMB Exhibit 53/300, and supporting the OMB Passback and IT investment portfolio governance.
  • Developed EA Program Plan, EA Modernization Roadmap, and maintained EA repository in Troux.
  • Supported data capture, validation, and maintenance of IT standards profile, baselined IT standards, and supported IT standards governance.