Our deep understanding of industry best practices, government operations, legislative requirements, and industry-specific business processes serves as the basis for our two core capability areas. Our expertise lies in leveraging proven methodologies and analytical techniques to support our clients in meeting their mission. Through our expertise and experience, we aim to assist our clients in developing a strategic outlook to enterprise and program level challenges by clearly defining business and technical plans and concept of operations, developing efficient IT portfolio management strategies, and improving business processes.

CIO Support Services


Our CIO Support Services are grounded in data driven analytics and focused on transforming organizational processes, instituting organizational effectiveness, managing change, and introduce performance based initiatives within client organizations. The services include:

  • IT Strategy

    IT Strategy

    NISH understands that an organization’s strategic plan is not a static document – it must be maintained to reflect the changes – both internal and external to the organization. NISH can help your organization use a strategic planning process to meet the challenges resulting from ongoing changes. The strategic planning process becomes your organization’s roadmap to the future and ensures that members of your organization, at all levels, are working toward the same goal. To ensure that all strategic planning initiatives are completed, we recommend that this activity be performed collaboratively with the key stakeholders and senior executive council of the organization.

    We engage with key stakeholders to manage their project/programs that deliver value to the government and its citizens. NISH delivers strategic planning services based on recognized industry best practices while fully aligning with the relevant organizational goals or in the case of Federal clients mandates and guidance.

  • IT Governance

    IT Governance

    We believe that the governance of information technology can play a critical role in effective decision-making, accountability, and communication within an organization. Our team realizes that a successful IT Governance strategy enables the various business units to concisely convey performance metrics to the top leadership in order to make more informed investment and process-improvement choices.

    NISH team members embed themselves within the executive leadership to gain a first-hand perspective on the organization’s IT governance strategy. We utilize the vast experience and knowledge of our consultants to provide specific and actionable recommendations on governance choices.

    Our consultants have successfully executed governance transformation efforts at large federal agencies utilizing best practices and proven analytical frameworks. The professional staff at NISH will creatively and pragmatically design an IT governance work plan that effectively conveys and enforces your business strategies.

  • IT Portfolio Management

    IT Portfolio Management

    NISH recognizes the critical role of IT investments in achieving the agency mission and therefore, the importance of IT investments being planned, prioritized, cost-effective, and directly aligned to the mission and business goals of the organization.

    NISH can help your organization develop an IT portfolio management strategy and roadmap to realize your organization’s IT strategic plan in a most effective and efficient manner. Our services also include establishing and managing the IT Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC) process for the agency that is compliant with the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) guidance. The CPIC process encompasses all stages of portfolio analysis from investment selection to monitoring steady-state investments. We have helped clients analyze investments and provide meaningful capital planning information that allows them to assess and manage their information technology (IT) portfolios throughout the select, control, and evaluate phases of each investment’s life cycle.

    NISH will work with your organization to develop investment selection and ranking criteria, to determine the projects mix in the overall investment portfolio, and to develop policies and procedures for continuing current investments.

    • Our team can also assist your organization with post implementation reviews (PIRs), recurring operational analysis, and Information Technology Investment Management (ITIM) evaluations. Our investment analysis will help your organization compare each investment (or project) on multiple levels to identify which investments (or projects) are no longer meeting organizational objectives, are over budget, or have not met performance goals. The result is that your organization will be able to make well-informed decisions about which investments (or projects) to select, which investments (or projects) to discontinue, and how to balance the portfolio between existing and new investments to meet the organization’s current priorities.
    • NISH offers a full range CPIC program support services, including OMB Exhibit 53 and 300 preparation, requirements management, risk management, and quality assurance. Our approach is based on years of experience in IT program/project management and incorporates components of industry best project management practices such as the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) and Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL®) processes.
    NISH helped my team establish a simplified process for IT portfolio management consistent with the maturity of our organization. Helped developed innovative solutions for linking IT portfolio to business capabilities and finances. Helped developed executive briefings on the state of the IT portfolio. Key capabilities: 1. Portfolio assessment 2. Portfolio rationalization 3. Linking Enterprise Architecture to IT Portfolio Management 4. Capital planning and investment control.

  • Enterprise Architecture

    Enterprise Architecture

    We develop business-driven EAs – rooted in the organization’s mission, operations, and customers – to solve specific IT and business problems. We have extensive experience using Federal Segment Architecture Methodology (FSAM), Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA) Reference Models, Zachman’s framework, The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF), and other industry best practices. NISH has extensive experience in helping clients with developing a better.

    • EA Program Management Office (PMO) support
    • EA and IT governance process development and support
    • EA alignment with FEA Reference Models
    • EA Program assessment using GAO EA Management Maturity Framework (EAMMF)
    • EA Repository development and maintenance
    • Enterprise Architecture development
    • Integration of EA process with Strategic Planning, Performance Management Process (PMP), Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC), and System Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
    The NISH team is a critical component to the success of our EA program, and has helped to make it a highly valuable, authoritative and respected IT service within the organization.

  • Change Management

    Change Management

    Any transformation includes numerous initiatives to improve technological capabilities, integrate and streamline information systems, manage its structure, and standardize and improve its processes. Critical to the success of this ambitious change agenda is ensuring that the Agency’s diverse workforce remains motivated through the change and is prepared with the proper norms and values, skills, and capabilities to achieve the desired end state from the portfolio of transformation initiatives.

    NISH Consulting can help clients by deploying a structured change management approach that engages stakeholders across the organization to

    • Prepare for change by creating a shared vision for the change.
    • Manage the change through strategic communication.
    • Reinforcing the change through creating accountability and resource allocation.
  • Business Process Analysis

    A number of internal and external pressures drive organizations to conduct a business analysis effort with the aim to improve
    process efficiency and effectiveness. In general, these could include

    Agility: Demand for increased agility and flexibility in issuing guidance and executing leadership decisions.

    Growth in Complexity and number of tasks demands flexible, dynamic environment able to rapidly respond to changing
    conditions and capitalize on process change opportunities.

    Coordination/Collaboration: Horizontal communication/coordination across organizational boundaries blurring/increasing as
    cultures adopt electronic coordination over paper-based, hierarchical models.

    Productivity: Demand for improved ease of use, flexibility, and effectiveness of tools used to initiate, develop, manage, track,
    and archive response to tasking.

    Continuous Process Improvement: Need to manage and update processes/procedures in a timely, structured, results-driven
    fashion, given continual environmental change.

    NISH Consulting follows a structured approach to help clients conduct a top down analysis of business processes to address
    strategic alignment and downstream implementation of systems.

  • Knowledge Management

    Effective knowledge management programs employ a consistent, logical approach and tend to fail fail when the programs do not
    focus on the use of an integrated view of the business processes, poorly defined and leverage technology appropriately
    NISH Consulting can help the diagnosis, design and implementation of a structured knowledge management program

    Diagnose and analyze current processes, knowledge sharing models, and identify needed KM capabilities

    Design KM prototype and pilot, considering organizational impacts, perceptions, current IT infrastructure, and expected value

    Implement KM program, processes, and training organization-wide

  • Business and Technical “Deep Dive” Analysis

    Business and Technical “Deep Dive” Analysis

    NISH Consulting has a proven track record in resolving specific pain points within an organization’s technology domain. In order to tactfully resolve these issues, the NISH team conducts an in-depth and targeted analysis of the problem to develop a strategic and actionable resolution.

    Business and Technical “Deep Dives” deliver a high-level, operational view of an investment selection, alternative analysis, and road map by drawing upon:

    • The current state of the environment
    • Industry best practices
    • Stakeholder and customer requirements
    • Technical and operational expertise
    • Available resources

    The data gained from business and technical “deep dive” analysis allow for a deep understanding of the business problem. Greater cognizance of the issue enables NISH consultants to develop a more potent and tailored solution to its clients.

  • Project Management and PMO Support

    Project Management and PMO Support

    NISH provides project management services and applies PMI best practices that drive performance and operational efficiency in project, program and portfolio management. Our team of dedicated project, program and portfolio managers provide strategic business and technology services to support the implementation of projects and the management of programs and portfolios. Our support services help clients make smarter decisions that result in more effective and efficient IT solutions. We support the establishment of Program/Project Management Office (PMO) that serves as a single point of integration with the organization’s budget formulation, enterprise architecture, and IT governance processes.

    The NISH team can help you with the following:

    • Creation of comprehensive Project Management Plans.
    • Development of detailed project schedules / Work Breakdown Structures.
    • Risk management including tracking and mitigation.
    • Development and maintenance of Life Cycle Management (LCM) Frameworks.
    • Configuration Management.
    • Project performance tracking.
    • Earned Value Management (EVM) implementation, training, and reporting.

Technology Advisory Services


Our Technology Advisory Services are focused at addressing specific business problems by effectively managing IT solutions supporting our client organizations.

NISH leverages cloud-based platforms such as SalesForce and ServiceNow. ServiceNow is a cloud-based workflow and automation system that can address a myriad of IT and mission needs and capabilities. SalesForce helps engage with people, share ideas, and reinvent the way employees work together. Our Technology Advisory Services offerings leverage these dynamic and powerful technology platforms to provide value-added solutions to meet our clients’ needs.

  • Enterprise Platform Business Case Assessment
    Business analysis that provides a business case presenting the costs and benefits associated with migrating from legacy IT solutions to an enterprise platform such as SalesForce and ServiceNow. The assessment provides objective analysis and net present value (NPV) of the migration for a 5 year period.
  • IT Transformation
    Organization-wide, transformation initiative changing the way IT organization operate. Includes process, organization, operating model, and tool transformation.
  • Enterprise Business Service Management
    Configure and implement enterprise platform such as SalesForce and ServiceNow to automate business service work flows across the organization in support of the core mission. The business services include Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Vendor Management, Project Portfolio Management, Asset Management, Service Catalog, Human Resources, Financial Management, Document Management, etc.