Business Process Analysis

business process

A number of internal and external pressures drive organizations to conduct a business analysis effort with the aim to improve process efficiency and effectiveness. In general, these could include

Agility: Demand for increased agility and flexibility in issuing guidance and executing leadership decisions.

Growth in Complexity and number of tasks demands flexible, dynamic environment able to rapidly respond to changing conditions and capitalize on process change opportunities.

Coordination/Collaboration: Horizontal communication/coordination across organizational boundaries blurring/increasing as cultures adopt electronic coordination over paper-based, hierarchical models.

Productivity: Demand for improved ease of use, flexibility, and effectiveness of tools used to initiate, develop, manage, track, and archive response to tasking.

Continuous Process Improvement: Need to manage and update processes/procedures in a timely, structured, results-driven fashion, given continual environmental change.

NISH Consulting follows a structured approach to help clients conduct a top down analysis of business processes to address strategic alignment and downstream implementation of systems.